We're passionate about bringing our clients' dreams and visions to life.

Grandeur Design is owned and operated by a pair of distinguished and innovative designers who have a passion for capturing the dreams & visions of their clients and crafting them into a beautiful reality. Owners Brenda Blaylock and Susan Semmelmann are experts in all facets of home design, and have the unique gift of creating custom pieces of drapery, bedding, upholstery, wood working, and floral arrangements. They also have a bevy of experience working with artists and installers to allow for turn-key projects. For over 15 years, Brenda & Susan, and the rest of their team, have built a strong reputation around custom residential and commercial design projects, as well as retail showrooms. In 2013, their highly regarded showroom opened its doors in the West 7th region of Fort Worth, and has since become a fixture in the local home decor community.

Brenda Blaylock
Susan Semmelmann

16 years of Uncompromised Style

Grandeur Design delivers an outcome that is unique and creative while making the experience fun and exciting. We believe in honesty and sincerity while caring about the satisfaction of each customer.