Construction Detailing

Grandeur Design is devoted to giving our clients the top-of-the-line experience they deserve. By offering construction detailing services, we're able to take a comprehensive approach to interior design, orchestrating every detail of a home from the ground up. Construction detailing is truly where the form of interior design meets the function of spatial planning, allowing design motifs to be woven into the fabric of a home. This serves not only the homeowner but also the builders & architects we collaborate with. The end result is a home that's as cohesive as it is beautiful.

When we say Grandeur Design touches every detail of a home, we mean it. From the selection of flooring, hardware, paint, & countertops to custom cabinetry & insets, there is nothing we can't create to suit a client's taste. Even elements like bathroom tiling, tub surrounds, and showers add a customized feel to a home. We also showcase a wide array of hardware, as well as exterior selections and outdoor kitchen & patio areas.

17 years of Uncompromised Style

Grandeur Design delivers an outcome that is unique and creative while making the experience fun and exciting. We believe in honesty and sincerity while caring about the satisfaction of each customer.