Flourishing Floral Designs

by The Grandeur Girls

A beautiful custom floral arrangement can add a special touch to any space. No matter your space’s design or style Grandeur Design can create the perfect arrangement for your space.

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The majority of our florals are created in our studio in Decatur, TX. There we have a variety of containers, flowers, and other design elements to choose from. Before assembling, we take into account the specific room’s color palette and style and which flowers will accent the space perfectly. Each flower or pod is cut perfectly and placed strategically; giving you the exact vision you’re looking for.

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Our custom designs display an unexpected, yet pleasing form that’s visually striking. As we construct, we closely consider every element of design, tweaking until it’s just right.

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Our method is why we’re able to achieve such fabulous custom pieces for clients and customers. Whether it’s a centerpiece in a grand dining area, or for a small side table, we want every arrangement to be completely unique and original.

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